Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Florida vacation rentals: Better choice

Florida is considered "Sunshine State", with over 1200 miles of coastline and 700 miles of beach, is a vacation spot for Northeastern and Midwestern US residents. It also provides theme parks, like Disney parks located in Orlando and Tampa Busch Gardens, Kennedy Space center on Florida’s Atlantic Coast.

Travel plans:
If a person plans a vacation to Florida with his family, he can book airline tickets. International airports like Miami, Orlando and Tampa are some of the busiest airports and provide airfare to Florida.

Why chose vacation homes over hotels?

Less expensive:
One major advantage is whole family can stay in one vacation home instead of three hotel rooms. Holiday homes provide more space for less money, more freedom and flexibility and privacy. In addition, savings provided by having the choice to prepare your own meals can save significant amount of money when compared to eating in restaurants every meal of your trip.

If 10 to 15 people are on vacation to Florida, then vacation villas are considered best compared to hotels. As there are so many people they may require 2 to 3 hotel rooms to stay while all the people can stay in one place in vacation rental homes. In such a way they can save money and enjoy the vacation. 

When people from Canada, Spain, China and India etc visit Florida they are not comfortable eating outside. When they stay in a Hotel they can eat only food that is available in the Hotel. If they want to make something on their own they cannot do that in Hotel. In such a scenario, vacation rental is the best solution. Many Indians are vegetarians they cannot eat non-veg. If they stay in holiday home they can cook in the kitchen. This will not only save money but also help them eat food of their choice.

Vacation rentals provide many amenities than majority of hotels do. Vacation rentals tend to give full kitchens and multiple bedrooms. Many vacation rentals (holiday homes or villa) also allow pets. Pet owners can bring their pets for vacation which can make their trip more enjoyable. Do ensure that you check on the place’s pet policy before hand, though, since each owner sets his or her own rules.

Other amenities provided by vacation rentals are as follows:

• Telephone
• Air conditioning/Heating
• Fully screened pools
• Separate TV lounge
• TV
• Music center
• Microwave
• Dishwasher
• Dryer
• Washer
• Iron & Board
• Clock/Radios
• Coffee Maker
• Laundry Room
• Broadband Internet
• Community clubhouse
• Stunning furnishings
• Beautiful Kitchen
• Game room

By now you would have known that vacation rental is a much better place to stay than Hotels.

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